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    A Postmodern Cosmography


    John P. Lynch, Jr.

    Edited by Wilma Lynch, David Shupe, Troy Omafray and Brett Single

    Engineered by Brett Single

    Electronically Published by Project Terra July 15, 1998

    To the Reader:

    Cosmogony means "world creation" in Greek. The Cosmogonicon is a book about world creating. The world created is a postmodern cosmography. The postmodern era began after World War II and continues today, and a cosmography is a description of the world. Therefore, the Cosmogonicon is a description of the postmodern world, how it has come to be, and what we must do to get beyond it: create a new world.

    This book is written at a level of consciousness which many may find unfamiliar. It is recommended that you read it and then reread it, as the information (which is interrelated) is spread throughout the entire book, and a second reading will make it more clear.

    Also, this is not an academic text. Much of the data is glanced over because the details would distract from the author's goal of giving the reader an expanded view of our world. But the sociological, historical, religious, political, economical, technological, gnostic, philosophical, and scientific data are available to all in a number of media.

    John P. Lynch, Jr.

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