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    anarchy - an anarchy does not mean social chaos; a true anarchy is cooperation with decision making through consensus, not force; it is a synonym of true democracy.

    The Awareness - as opposed to the Enlightenment; the postmodern understanding of constructivism, scientism, and globalism, as well as a mature awareness of equality, ecology, and spirituality.

    catastrophe - simply any change in the environment.

    co-evolution - when a symbiotic relationship is developed between different organisms so that both benefit, such as plants and animals or humans and tools.

    constructivism - awareness of the social construction of reality; also see "dereification" and "relativism".

    cosmogony - world creation; also see "reconstructivism".

    deconstructivism - the postmodern use of deconstruction as a weapon to expose the cultural realities as relative and reified; deconstruction separates the memes within any culture so they may be examined from the metaperspective, as in this book, and it is a precursor to reconstructing an alternative reality, like the Humans of Terra, as well as properly choosing one as our global ultraparadigm.

    dereification - the constructivist awareness of the reification of our reality, which then negates the process; it leaves us fully conscious of our reality construction; it also leaves us fully responsible for the shameful conditions of the world; also see "reify".

    enculturation - or socialization; a process of initiating the young into an ultraparadigm.

    evangelical - a variety of memes, such as Christianity, Islam, and Modernity, which are not culturally bound, thus able to infiltrate alien ultraparadigms.

    fuck - the only descriptive verb for sex in English; also used as power word in exclamation, "What the fuck is going on?!"

    globalism - awareness of globalization.

    globalization - the gradual process of bringing the human species together under one ultraparadigm after so many years of separation.

    gnosis - actual knowledge gained from spiritual experiences.

    hermeneutic circle - an engine of social reality construction which circulates the ultraparadigm and ultraperspectives in a culture. There is a global hermeneutic circle forming, but it will have to be brought about consciously, due to dereification.

    Logos - a metaparadigm; the model of the social construction of reality presented here, which includes ultraparadigms, ultraperspectives, and evolving over time and space.

    magick - written like this to separate it from legerdemain.

    meme - paradigms and perspectives which can be passed on like genes in the hermeneutic circle.

    metaparadigm - a model of the social construction of reality. metaperspective - a perspective consciously constructed in order to see the social construction of reality, also used unconsciously to see beyond ones own memes.

    nation-state - sub-groups within a culture which have split into competing political entities; imposed on the world by the Europeans, they have become obsolete in the postmodern era.

    paradigm - patterns of behavior passed on socially.

    perspective - personal patterns of behavior based on the social paradigms.

    primitive - simply means first, not meant as derogatory or simple.

    reality - for humans, it is a model of the world constructed in the mind through enculturation; also see "ultraparadigm" and "ultraperspective".

    reconstructivism - the postmodern use of constructivism to create a dialogue concerning the conscious social reconstruction of reality for a global civilization after the devastation caused by relativism and dereification.

    reify - the ability to create our own reality and then forget we have done so; also see "dereification".

    relativism - the constructivist awareness that all of the existing cultural realities, or ultraparadigms, are relative to their time and place, thus not the Truth, but only versions of truth; also see "reality".

    scientism - awareness of the scientific data concerning the make up of the material world.

    scope - the boundary of a reality.

    Terra - Terra Mater is a more appropriate name than "Earth" (which is a misnomer), and it is in keeping with the Roman deities.

    transsensual - cannot be perceived by the physical senses.

    Truth - the seemingly unattainable answer to the question, "What the fuck is going on?"

    ultraparadigm - the groups abstract reality, based on the ultraperspectives of its members; also see "hermeneutic circle".

    ultraperspective - an individuals own reality, based on the ultraparadigm of their culture, also see "hermeneutic circle".

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