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         I am reaching out to the world via the computer net to see if there is anybody out there who is as troubled by the world we live in as I am. It is difficult to know where to begin; everything just seems so wrong:

  • Aren't you fed up with the greed-driven economic system which has enslaved the whole globe?
  • Aren't you fed up with hollow religions which never seem to practice what they preach?
  • Aren't you fed up with environmental destruction not seen since the dinosaurs were wiped-out?
  • Aren't you fed up with the growing alienation from your family, your neighbors, and the breakdown in common civility?
  • Aren't you fed up with a decadent political system which supports all of the above?
  • If you are also fed up with the state of the world, then what can we do about it?

         Now comes the need for dogma. I am going to tell you what I believe is going on in the world. It is based on knowledge which is available to anyone who puts in the time (which is why I am under the impression that there are others who feel the same). It is presented as a version of truth and it may influence your beliefs about the world, which makes it dogmatic. It is propaganda because I am printing the dogma here on this web-site, but there is simply no other way to express one's opinion.


         The main problem with the world today is our loss of identity. Each culture has its own identity based on its evolution: Christianity in Europe, Islam in Arabia, Hinduism in India, ancestry in China and Japan, and the land for indigenous peoples. But, all of these isolated culturally specific identities have been thrown together for the first time in a recently united world which seems to get smaller and smaller each day. To make matters worse, science has raised many serious questions about the validity of these culturally specific identities. First, we have all these identities to choose from and then they were all taken away from us.

    So, what does it mean to be human?

         Are we bound for Hell unless we accept Christ as our personal Savior, because of something our first ancestors did? Are we bound for Paradise if we accept Allah as the one true God and Muhammed and his prophet? Are we all just awaiting Judgment Day? Is this world only an illusion of birth and rebirth, which we must escape by means of secluded meditation? Or, are we a single species of primates which has evolved from the hyper-complex living system which has spread throughout our planet's surface over the last few billion years?

    What is our identity?

         The new identity presented by science is the problem. It is the result of evidence gathered by explorers and investigators over the last 500 years, AND it confirms none of the culturally specific identities. In fact, its findings are absurd! No one wanted to be an ape on a lonely chunk of rock floating around in a vast universe created from an accidental Big Bang, but that seems to be humanity's new identity, and we will have to come to terms with it.

    Q: Why should we accept the scientific evidence?

    A: Because the data is there for all to see, everything from the fossils of long dead species to the billions of galaxies, and no amount of wishing will make them go away.

         The gathering of scientific evidence has changed our identity from whatever we believed before to just a single species of primates. But with no how-to book, we must learn about life as we go. Now it is time to put away our childish past and become a mature species, but how? We must consciously accept our new identity, and that act alone will begin to remake the world.

         There are a few out there who realize this change is taking place. I have heard the feelings voiced in the lyrics of some contemporary music, especially John Lennon's "Imagine". I have read it in James Redfield's "Celestine" series. I have heard it in the philosophy of Fritjof Capra as well as the wonderful movie Mindwalk. But, no one has offered a solution which is satisfactory to me. So, I have written the Cosmogonicon, which explains the identity crisis and how to get beyond it. The book is available on this web-site for reading, quoting, and downloading, because this knowledge belongs to everyone, and the computer is the best way to reach the world democratically.*

    * - publishers must ask permission from the author to publish all or parts of the Cosmogonicon , since no one is intended to profit from this work.

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